Commercial Aircraft

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Commercial Aircraft Refinishing

The external appearance of an aircraft can undoubtedly influence the way that passengers feel about flying with the airline.

The application of aircraft colour schemes is a demanding task, to be undertaken only by highly trained operators using the best materials and equipment. It must be done efficiently to minimize the time that the aircraft is out of service, cost effectively and always with full regards for the safety of the aircraft, backed by our OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001. Within 30 minutes of aircraft arrival, we are in full production.

The complete aircraft refinishing package

Complete aircraft exterior preparation can include stripping to bare metal or heavy sanding, resealing of all production joints, corrosion removal and treatment, composite repairs and complete aircraft repainting. Satys Air Livery is fully conversant with the latest products and technology, CAD graphics and decal design, manufacture and application.